Frequently Asked Questions on Drones

What is a Drone?

The word “drone” has two distinct meanings: a low continuous humming sound and a male bee. We are all aware that male bees have no work to do, never going out to find honey; it’s existence is only for impregnating the queen bee. Therefore, it’s not such a bad idea to use this word to describe an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

In other words, a drone is flying machine. The machine is usually controlled from a dedicated remote and can be managed due to an intelligent software programme.

What are Drones used for?

Drones were first used by the army to carry out a most of their operations. However, recently drones have become extremely important for the success of many applications. This has seen drones used in surveillance, construction, journalism, photography and more. This increased the popularity of drones for commercial purposes.

Is it hard to fly a Drone?

The level of difficulty to fly a drone will vary on each person and what kind of drone they are flying. For example, if you have great hand-eye coordination and sensorimotor skills, learning to fly a drone will not seem difficult.

Learning to fly a high end drone may also be easier than learning to fly a standard done. This is because greater quality drones have many built-in assistance features to help with a smooth flight.

What are the regulations for flying a Drone in South Africa?

If you are interested in purchasing a drone for private use, there are a number of regulations to follow. These include:

  • What: You are allowed to fly a drone that does not weigh more than 7kg.
  • When: You will not be able to fly your drone in the evening, as well as in bad weather.
  • Height and Distance: Your drone cannot exceed flying 500m away from you and higher than 45m high.
  • Where: You need to make sure that your drone is not more than 50m away from people, roads and buildings. It is important to respect other people’s privacy by not flying into or over their properties with no permission.

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